JPM lawyer admitted to Senior Courts of England and Wales

JPM lawyer admitted to Senior Courts of England and Wales

JPM Senior Associate Janko Nikolic has been admitted as a practising English lawyer (solicitor) in the Senior Courts of England and Wales.

Mr Nikolic (LL.M (Melbourne), LL.B (Hons), BBus) has been a member of the JPM Corporate department since 2016, involved in various corporate, finance and energy law matters.

English law is well regarded for its fairness, protection and impartial application. England remains the preferred jurisdiction for global business, with London as the world’s top financial centre.

“Today’s progressively interconnected world sees lawyers practicing across varying jurisdictions and legal systems. This has resulted in both the consolidation of multifaceted legal expertise and a burgeoning client base, ultimately fostering demand for global legal services. The capacity to advise clientele in Serbia pursuant to English law is clearly advantageous.“ said JPM Senior Partner Nenad Popovic.

As a global leader in the provision of legal services, the UK legal profession has continually played a significant role in shaping the development of legal and regulatory regimes internationally.