The Appellate Court in Belgrade acquits Mr Miroslav Mišković

Deciding on defence appeals against the verdict of the Higher Court in Belgrade (Organised Crime Unit), the Appellate Court in Belgrade has acquitted Mr.Miroslav Mišković, clearing him of charges for abuse of the office of an authorized person and abolishing the guilty verdict in respect of tax evasion charges.

By this ruling Mr. Mišković has been finally acquitted of the abuse of office charges, whereby the Appellate Court ordered a retrial in respect of the tax evasion charges.
In this prominent and unique white-collar crime case, the Appellate Court panel of judges has accepted all legal arguments from the defence team’s written and oral submissions.
JPM Senior Partner Nenad Popović was one of the two members of Mr. Mišković’s defence team, accompanied by JPM Tax Department Partner Nikola Đordjević during the appeal preparation phase.