2019 Energy Community Secretariat Policy Guidelines

JPM has prepared the overview of the Policy Guidelines issued by Energy Community Secretariat in May 2019.

In May 2019 Energy Community Secretariat issued the Policy Guidelines on increasing Competition and Liquidity of Wholesale Electricity Markets, including Power Exchanges recommending the measures for increasing competition and liquidity on markets of Member States of European Union as well as on markets of Contracting Parties of the Energy Community Treaty.

Policy Guidelines represent legal and regulatory upgrade of Policy Guidelines 03/2015-ECS on promotion of organised electricity markets in the Contracting Parties, which determined strategies aimed at enabling market integration and establishing electricity markets allowing market coupling:

  • creating incentives to participate in the markets;
  • setting out the obligation to trade certain quotas on the organized markets; and
  • putting in place model combining bilateral agreements and spot market.

JPM has prepared the overview of the Policy Guidelines, which can be downloaded from HERE.


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