Working with the government can be equally challenging and rewarding. Fundamental to success is comprehensive guidance from legal experts who are able to navigate complexities of government contracting.

JPM prides itself on extensive experience advising both suppliers and government authorities in public procurement matters.
We provide effective legal advice on specific transactions, negotiations and during bid evaluation process. Additionally, we advise on concessions and other forms of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

For supplier bids, JPM reviews invitations to tender and drafts questions to procuring authorities. We also review bids to ensure that all requirements have been met and represent bidders when a procuring authority has breached governing regulative framework.

When advising a procuring authority, our services involve formulating pre-requirements and evaluation criteria and providing quality legal assurance. JPM also arranges tailor-made training and conducts external seminars on public procurement

Practice area contact: Jelena Gazivoda, Senior Partner